Globalization of Bullshit and the Pussification Approach

Look around you. You see that? Globalization of Bullshit is the name of the game, and its all around you, to the left, right, up and down, you really can’t escape it.

Ask yourself. When’s the last time “Shit got done proper“? Just in general. Really ask yourself, when’s the last time shit-got-done-proper? It’s been a long time hasn’t it? Perhaps you can’t even remember. As a matter a fact, the more time that goes by, simply increases the spread of it, hence why its global at this point. Which brings us to the latest case of it. After all, it happens on a daily, hourly, perhaps even minute basis, but we can’t catch it all, there’s simply too much of it going around. It comes in so many forms and styles that it would take a lifetime to categorize it all. So on with the show.

Whats on the bullshit radar today? Well, looks like America is at it again, wasting more money (whats new?) on their newest bullshit project. This happens everyday pretty much, but this latest case is a PRIME example of how the bullshit keeps on trucking.  Just like every other country that specializes in the fine art of bullshit, the following example will be focused on the “justice system”….hahaha, sorry I couldn’t contain myself, the word makes me giggle for being so trivial.

By now, if you haven’t heard of Christopher Lane, then I suggest you Google his name. In a nut shell, he’s the 22 year old that was out for a jog after visiting his gf, minding his business, when three vermin, aged 15, 16, 17 drove up to him from behind and executed him on the spot. No reason, they did it because they were “bored” (yes, that’s a direct quote from one of the rodents that committed the act).

First off. Let’s get something out of the way. Its 2013. Boredom doesn’t exist. Boredom is cute-fancy way of saying “I’m lacking brain cells“. Basically, if you’re bored, you’re a living and breathing turd with a log of shit for a brain that lacks any interests. So, if you sit around watching MTV all day or some of those reality shows that are around now a days complaining and whining “what should I do with myself today“, “I’m so boredddd“, then you probably fit into that group.

If you find that a little offensive then good, that was the point.

Anyways, to wrap this up, we have three dullard shit stains, driving in a car together that decide to kill the first person they saw. They committed the act, and got caught. Now the “justice” system is gonna pick up that good ol’ ‘trusty’ prosecution team along with the defense, pump a shit load of money into the case, create jobs for one another (you know: judges, court officers, prison guards, all that other crap, etc) get a jury, then go to trial, conviction (or maybe not?), blah blah blah and life will go on.

Justice as been done? Nah, more like globalization of bullshit, and pussification has once again prevailed . “But they’re only kids, they weren’t thinking properly“, “they had tough child hoods“, “where were the parents?” “my boy was a good kid he’d never do anything like that“, “they were simply misguided youth“. That’s pretty much how it always goes. Excuses that pile up on another until they compress into a big smelly log of cow dung perfect for fertilizing more mundane vindications. God forbid if they took these “innocent teens” and stuck them in a gas chamber or gave them the lethal injection. What a “crime” that would be.. *cough*… It’s better to keep worm food behind bars apparently in today’s age….*sarc*

Oh dear world, when will the bullshit and pussification stop? Remember the glorious times when public executions for harming one another and committing heinous acts was actually punishable? Sadly, I wasn’t around during those times. I really *wish* I was.

Society really has become a bunch wrist slappers. And we’re paying for it.

RIP bro.

This is how shit looks when it breeds –

Exterminate it before it does.



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