My beloved Tali…

Talisker 10 y/o Photo – ©

As I sit here and type this, I’m sipping on the last remaining remnants of a bold, fierce, oily gem from Scotland. That gem I speak of is of course, Talisker 10 year old.

Now, originally I was gonna do a big write up, but I’ve since changed my mind, and in the process my glass is now empty, which really blows. (this stuff is that good, yes) Nevertheless, on with the review!

Let’s start with a very quick background on this one.

Scotland is divided into regions, scotch regions to be precise. Some are land based, others; offshore. I’ll make a massive post about this one day perhaps, but for now let’s stick to the bottle being reviewed. (In the meantime, Google is your friend if you really wanna get into the specifics.)

In the northern-west coast region of Scotland is the island “Skye” (or “Isle of Skye“) This is the birthplace of this kingly drink. Why kingly? Well, for one, Talisker is the ONLY Single Malt distillery on the Isle of Skye. An because of this reason it rules the land it sits on.

Isle of Skye

This isn’t a poor man’s drink, nor is it an entry level scotch. It’s a bold, big, thick, oily and earthy at heart. The Isle of of Skye is a mountainous, and rocky terrain, battered by the ocean’s sea spray day in day out. The distillery’s water source (Cnoc nan Speireag) flows on a constant basis through peat beds on its way down to the distillary, picking up mineral’s and soaking up the organic, and at times herbal and salty elements of the ground, which all add to the character of this exquisite malt.

Some notes: Peaty, earthy, oily, salty, and finally smokey. Which of these dominate? For starters, if you want something peaty and raw, this it the malt for you. Especially for fall/winter. Peat is the dominant player in this one. It’s upfront on the nose, palate, and partially in partnership with the finish. And this is where it gets REALLY interesting. Just when you think its all over…the smoke says “hello!”, and it joins the party, lingering for quite some time.

For all these reasons, this isn’t one you’ll forget. Unlike some scotches that do the “bang” all at once when they hit your palate, this isn’t the one. Instead, this one slams you once, twice, three times, and keeps going even after you’ve finished your glass. It’s a whisky that takes you on a journey, hence why it’s so enjoyable.

Simply put, this is the ocean in a bottle, and I loved it. Go pick it up!

*extra note: Letting this scotch open up really adds to the flavor. After letting it sit, you’ll notice an antiseptic/kipper aroma that weaves in and out. Sadly, this is only noticeable when the bottle is freshly opened after purchased. After sitting around for a few months this aroma fades away. 

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