It’s lingering around the corner…

It’s approaching that time of the year! Cooler temperatures, shorter days, and that atmospheric ‘calm’ in the air which should be kicking in very shortly. Usually known as “Fall” for most, but to me personally; more like “Scotch Season 2013/2014” –  is about to begin!

So, since I got that out of the way, I think it’s time to start planning what new delicious malts I’ll be picking up this year. I started up the list last year, but since prices go up ‘n down and taste’s change, it was in need of some sprucing up!

Scotch Region Map

Thankfully, the current bottle of Buffalo Trace (Which I must say – was very much enjoyed..) is coming to an end , marking it one of the fastest bottles to go this year. Finished it just under a month pretty much. It’s time to start cracking open some sherried malts, peaty malts, smokey malts, and perhaps something blended? All I know is – I’m in a peat/smoke mood lately – and I know just the bottle that’ll cure those cravings… but I ain’t telling, just yet. So far the cabient is stocked up with quite a nice mix and variety of Scotland’s finest divine liquid from last year, but not enough to satisfy my taste buds 100%.

So, with that being said;

Scotch reviews will be coming up very shortly. With about 8-9 bottles in mind this year for purchasing, I think it’ll be quite the interesting tasting season!

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