The Fearless Vampire Killers

The Fearless Vampire Killers“, more like the: “Scared Shit-less Vampire Killers“.

Polanski must of been smoking some really extraordinary pot during the writing of this screenplay, cause if he didn’t, then this could of been turned easily into a brilliantly – terrifying classic horror. After all, this is the same guy that made Rosemary’s Baby – *Shivers* . However, that’s not to say that this flick isn’t good, as a matter a fact it’s quite the opposite. Instead, its a comedy/horror, which is perfectly fine. But I wasn’t expecting it to be so ludicrous at times. Fortunately, it works so well. Not to mention, it made me crack ‘me’ ass off.

So why did it work? Well, part of the reason for why it does is the set design. Next, the directing. And finally…..well… I’ll leave that for the end of this write up.

Is that “blue” enough for you?

The interior shots of the castle are absolutely nuts. Was this really filmed in a studio? I mean honestly? For something made in 1967 I was blown away. For a film that plays off like a comedy most of the way through, its got a really authentic dark vibe to it at certain points. Regardless, the blue tinged sky at “night” always kept me laughing. But that’s what makes it so hilariously good. If this film were filmed on a RED or ARRI in today’s age it would lose most of that “classic” film charm.


I kept thinking the whole way through it, “this could of been made f***ing terrifying if they wanted too“. Everything in terms of costumes and atmospheric feel was already there and available. At times – and mostly due to the dark castle scenes – it reminded me slightly of a 1992 cult classic favorite of mine. Which, evidently itself, took a more theatrical approach instead of the straight ahead “horror” route as well. (Not to mention it was shot entirely without CGI – which explains why its visually one of the most amazing films ever made.) But enough of that. Back on topic.

This movie popped up a few years ago during some internet searching, but I brushed it off due to the “comedy” tag. Thankfully I caught it tonight on TV and luckily stayed with it.

Which brings us to the third reason why it works.

Sharon Tate as a red head. One word, smoking.

I know, pretty vain. But hell, can you really blame me?

The trailer is fuckin’ hysterical and goes even more over the top then the actual movie itself. Just listen to the foley on it. LOL!

This was Polanski’s first film to be photographed in Anamorphic format.


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