Parts Unknown

Digging this program.

CNN most of the time is a fucking riot. It’s a reality, sitcom and complete wish-wash that turns your brain into rotten mush if you spend to much time listening to the garbage they spew. Just tonight Piers Morgan and his guests ended their “interview” (can you even call it that? lol) about the pathetic USA government shut down in a ball of fits over one anothers opinions. It was as if I was watching some sort of comedy sketch go horribly wrong. Was it entertaining? Damn straight it was! I can still see it replaying in my head *chuckles*.  Pier’s himself ended up screaming like crazy baboon before cutting to commercial break. That’s when the TV went off. No more of that junk. Pier’s is such a tool. But besides all that crap they air on there, there is one program that’s kinda interesting.

Anthony Bourdain’s – “Part’s Unknown” which premiered sometime in 2013. The first interaction I had with it was sitting up late one night on a Sunday – to the best to my recollection – and hearing a deep, grizzly voice talk about cocaine and heroin. WTF?

Now, what the hell does cocaine and heroin have to do with a food show? Those were my thoughts as well. Turns out Mr. Bourdain is quite the character. The guy’s done everything from magic mushies to heroin, to LSD, coke, pills, you name he’s done it. Not that I’m into “pushing” drugs on people.. but usually when you have someone into that lifestyle (whether it be current or past) they have some interesting stories to say the least (I sure do *wink*). And lets not forget, their usually pretty “open minded” individuals in general.

Now, I don’t watch cooking shows (anymore), nor much TV, but this program is pretty well done. It has a “whatever” approach to it, kinda like Departures did. It’s not in your face, its not even really structured the more I watch it. It’s just “we’ll go here, eat that, see that, live with that family for a bit, learn about this, kick back a few rounds of shots, eat more, drive here, drink more, etc” you get the point. The Spain episode was dope. Siesta’s and Tapas, booze? Yes please.

This guy swears quite a bit, basically doesn’t give a flying fuck too much, and does what he likes. I like that. Unrepentant attitude get’s points with me to a certain extent.

How CNN picked this up is beyond me. The last place I’d expect to see a show like this is on CNN. Is this their sneaky way of getting more viewers or something? Hmm, perhaps it is…

Either way, it’s got some good cinematography, editing, some knowledgeable travel tips, and lastly – great views from around the world.

Who else enjoys this program? Drop a comment ladies and gent’s.


One thought on “Parts Unknown

  1. I love Anthony Bourdain. Before Parts Unknown (PU), he had a show on the Travel Channel called No Reservations, same format as PU and equally as enjoyable. He’s a lot of fun and he has a huge audience so it’s no surprise that CNN has brought him on board.

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