That was Batshit

Holy fucking Nostalgia. That was intense. Too, too too… intense. Wow.

Didn’t expect that at all.
 Reading emails from the High School days was not needed. Why the fuck did I read all that shit? I purposely forgot about most of that crap ages ago and reading it just now was just *shivers*… brought back a LOAD of emotions. Perhaps this is therapeutic? Heh, this excites me for shrink talk. I’ll drive the doctor into therapy after she’s done with me.

This social anxiety/agoraphobia and depression shit doesn’t fuck around eh?  One minute you’re up, next minute you’re down. It’s too much. Goddamn roller-coaster. Best thing to do is just get the fuck out there and be around people. Even if you’re sweating like an African bullfrog on a steamy, humid evening night in the Sahara.

*never again shall I go back in time and re-read 12 year old emails… my god… not good for one’s head or mental state*

I feel a panic attack coming on.. I gotta go.


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