iMac’s, software, Flash, LR..blah blah blah

Installed new HDD in iMac after ‘procrastinating‘ forever. Actually that’s the wrong word for it, more like “avoided purposely cause I knew it was gonna be more work then first thought

And I was right. It’s a pain in the ass cause those thieves (aka. Apple), REALLY don’t want you POKING around in their shitty ass fucking computers. I’ve been a Windows boy for a long time, it’s only in the past few years that I’ve gone “fruity” – into the blossoming world of Macintosh Apples, that seem to be growing in every house hold these days. But…

..I ain’t having it too much these days. It’s time to get back into Windows. Not fully 100%, since neither system is perfect, but honestly… for watching movies, doing photography (editing), emails, communication, browsing the net? Why would someone spend $2800 over the $600 windows laptop?

First off, $600 gets – built in HDMI.. no hassle. I plugged that shit into the TV and BAM. Movies, HD videos, youtube, whatever the hell you want its there. It was plug and play. Not with Apple though. You need adapters. Fuck thunderbolt up the ass. I don’t care about your constantly “evolving designs”.

In addition, even though the display on the $600 lappy isn’t anywhere near as nice and sharp as the mac’s… its simple. HDMI that onto a separate screen. Something along the lines of 1080p widescreen HD TV. Problem solved. TV’s these days go for pennies. Wal Mart it up.

43546443 screws on the iMac had to be unscrewed and removed to access a goddamn HARD DRIVE. Heat sensors, clamps, wires, cables, jesuschrist what is this shit? I didn’t even remove the damn display cable, I just bypassed it and left it in. Dust galore in that steel cage.

As for the $600 lappy = 4 screws. On the bottom. Remove them, pop open, “hello hard drive, hello ram”. Easy.

This is how I look when I get sold shitty-disposable products manufactured in China that cost a fortune.

PC tower? Another couple of screws, easy access. To be fair, even a (older) Macbook is easier, just pop open the bottom and you got access… except for the battery… which they won’t want you removing….

Nowadays, Apple is taking things into the “you ain’t touching that” land. From all the shit they put out, laptops, desktops, mice, etc… it’s all disposable crap. They’ll take your money, but your product ain’t gonna last.

In addition to all this crock of poo, once the drive was in, I installed Leopard, updated Leopard to the nearest os x, then re-updated everything for that os x of Leopard, then downloaded some pirated software (as always) (fuck all subscription based “programs”. If I can’t hold it in my hand when purchasing I ain’t paying for it.)

Flash doesn’t work on Leopard anymore.*edit – I hijacked the os x, and forced it to accept the newest possible version of flash. F-off Apple 🙂

Firefox isn’t supported (I’m still using it, you can eat shit Mozilla and Apple) and honestly.. this post has no meaning, just a bunch of rubbish coming from the top of my head for no good reason whatsoever. But at least – I’ll be reminded how annoying that procedure was and how I’ll never buy another Apple product again.

Oh, and lastly. uTorrent on windows just brings back too many awesome memories from the past. Transmission was nice, but uTorrent always will hold a special place in my heart.

Tomorrow, dl’ing VLC player. I got a shit load of movies to download and watch before the year is over.

Now, onto building a customized top spec PC, HD widescreen TV for screen, along side a pirated version of Win7.

Everyone can get bent! 😉


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