So I thought…

I may of posted a review for the Balvenie 12 year old Signature just a little too fast perhaps. I’m having some right now and boy, this is one very well crafted malt.

It came off as bitter last night, but I think I rushed it. I let it sit out for about 15 minutes today before nosing it and finally diving in for a tasting. What a difference the time made.

Loads of honey soaked fresh oak, yet quite subtle in nature, add to this a large wallop of citrus. This is one deliciously crafted and balanced scotch. No rushing involved, one must take their time and really immerse themselves in it dissecting it step by step – letting it settle down before delving in.

The finish is much more interesting today too, leaving me with a nice long and lengthy, yet delicate woody-spice dryness. This is a light scotch yet packed with a thick, complex nose and palate. How is this possible? Hmm….needless to say, this is delicious stuff.


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