Chopper (2000)

Alright. I just finished watching this and… wow – is about all I can say on first impression. Why would anyone watch a movie like this first thing in the morning is beyond me. Why did I?

It ain’t an easy movie to watch. Its profane, nastily graphic, yet comedic all at the same time. Reminds me of an Australian version of Pulp Fiction, but shorter in run time and depth.

Bana plays a psychotic lunatic, who’s performance in this film is absolutely and truly engaging. Though I must say, I didn’t know who he was gonna “snap” at next, which left me antsy as shit.

This film is based on the real time criminal and author named Mark ‘Chopper’ Read who coincidentally died this month (I just found this out – talk about weird timing to watch this movie)

Quite a gritty and raw expression here from Dominik, especially as a dictatorial debut.


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