The Place Beyond The Pines (2013)

Judging from the trailer that I watched several months ago I could of sworn I had the film figured out. I just finished watching it and lets just say the trailer doesn’t give anything away. That’s how trailers SHOULD be done.

Coming into this film I thought it was gonna be fairly straight forward, despite the 2hr 20min running time. But my assumption couldn’t be anymore further from the truth. The plot is thick, full of twists and turns; its not overly complicated, but through its genuine simplicity – good cinematography and directing – manages to keep you engrossed and engaged.

I’m not a fan of Bradley Cooper, I find he lacks the substance and character an actor should have. I’m also not a fan of actors that do shitty, simpleton and pedestrian “comedys” such as what he has done in the past. *cough cough* However with that said, he did a fine job in this film. Nothing memorable but it was perfectly fitting for the time and place.

Additionally, I found the film very well balanced, in that, it doesn’t invest too much time into singular characters. Instead, it spreads it out and introduces new faces as the time runs by. I found this refreshing and rewarding.

Overall, this is one very impressive piece of cinema, furthermore, it’ll be one that will stay on your conscience for a lengthily time.


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