Mystic River (2003)

Nov, 2, 2013 – Watched

Not too impressed. Then again, as with most of Clint’s movies (some meandering on the lines of cheesy) it’s a tailored taste. Some are good, some are bad, and some linger on the median. I found myself self somewhat detached through out this film, something lacked grabbing me and holding me throughout. At times I was with it, at others – I went the polar opposite. My attention was there, but certain scenes should have been omitted and not included in the final cut.

Clint is a veteran and as an actor has made some undeniable masterpieces, however, as a director he may get a little too ambitious at times for his own good. I haven’t made up my mind here fully and Clint’s been talking to chairs lately, so….take it for whatever it is.

*Re-Watched November 12 2013. Now I’m really impressed. Deep-complex film. Multi-layered.


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