That’s it.

Who the fuck gives a crap about a stupid crack video #1.

And #2, why the fuck does the general public even care about such pedestrian, irrelevant incidents?

You do understand that you live on a goddamn celestial body – known as Earth – which in size, is smaller then a grain of sand in relation to the rest of the universe, if not SMALLER  – in a completely irrelevant piece of space born out of pure coincidence?

Yet, you care about a fucking goddamn person that smoked something or drank something for that matter?

Who gives a shit. Ask yourself – use your stupid brain that you’ve been blessed with from birth.

Go out on the street for once, and open your eyes instead of staring down at your dumb fucking smart phones you sheeple. See anyone else indulging in certain behaviors?

Societies empty , bleak and completely obsolete minds have never never been more evident and in the spotlight thanks to Facebook, and Twitter.

This is why I’ve dropped all contacts with you.

No rants. Just truth.

You people are bland, lacking inspiration and fulfillment in life.

See what I did there, I see clearly. I’m the sufferer of your sins.

– fin.


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