Can’t sleep, too much shit on my head, going through old school files, pictures, films, emails and projects this and that, its all just too crazy too see it after so much time.

It’s amazing how powerful a little program like iMovie really is.  I was afraid some of the experimental shit I did last year in there was deleted since I tried to clean up as much crap on the studio music machine (computer) as I could (still gotta finish). Thankfully, it’s all there, each clip an scene, and I really need to score the little short. I totally forgot about it.

It’s such a nostalgic roller-coaster watching it after almost a FULL year ’cause so much other stuff has happened since. But –  “damn” – that was inspiring to watch and be able to witness what the mind is capable of accomplishing when it’s “functioning” on a proper level as opposed to how my mind is working right now under all this fuckerie thats going on.

Funny enough, there is so much shit to do and accomplish, get taken care of, buy, etc right now, yet at the same time there is so much anxiety. Talk about ‘bad’ timing…  Something’s gotta happen, it’s almost half way through November and I feel like Richie Aprile……………and we all know how that ended.

ps. Firefox 25 is weird looking and the fonts are all different. Wowowow passing out fuck this shit.


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