Tips on avoiding charges

Tips on avoiding tickets/charges/etc from cops:

*may not always work for you, use at your own discretion.

1) Upon getting stopped, act surprised. — “Whaaaaa happppened?” in a polite manner.

2) Behave confused, in a sincere way about why you’re being stopped. — “Oh really? I didn’t notice that, oh my, I’m shocked at myself, I usually always follow the rules” (It’s such bullshit, but some of them buy it)

3) Act like a goddamn moron and dumb ass. But remember, do it too much and they’ll just get annoyed with you, so only derp-out when the time calls for it.

4) Don’t argue with em. This should really be #1, but it’s common sense.

And most importantly,

5) Override their questions, switch subjects, and divert them. Ask about their job, or other laws, or whatever pops to your mind that you know they’d be able to answer. This way it breaks their concentration on the task at hand (giving you a ticket or whatever else), and even though they’re trained to be doing what their doing well; physiological mind tricks work wonders especially if you’re being “friendly”.

It’s not human nature to be a prick to someone who is kind…even though pigs are power abusing pricks 99% of the time anyways.

Toodle loo.


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