Misc November Stuff

Last night was trippy. Tonight was trippier. The above album, bomb. FLAC file + prime AD/DA converters + drink = bliss.

Tonight marked the first snowfall of the year. November, 23, 2013. -15’C or so outside. Felt good to be walking out there, next time I’ll bring the point and shoot along if I can muster up the courage.

In other news: Drone and Dark Ambient have a good effect on my sleep recently, then again, they always have. Depending on what style  I’m listening too, it almost always affects the dream(s).

With that being said, since I mostly indulge in dark ambient, it does produce some very fucked up nightmares and dreams for me. Call it a sick twisted desire of mine, but I enjoy it.

To end it off, my palate tastes of soft peat, delicate smoke and subtle sweet Italian liqueur…

The Godfather

   2 shots Scotch (smokey-peaty ones work best imho)

   3/4 of a shot of Disaronno (or less). Depends how sweet you like your drinks. (Personally, I don’t enjoy them sweet)

   Serve over ice

….this was the second glass, I almost forgot how delicious this is.

Now, sleep awaits. Tomorrow calls for another day of backing up more files.


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