Springbank 10 year old

I think the picture speaks for itself. This is heavenly crafted.

These guys also make, Hazelburn and Longrow. The latter being a heavily peated malt. Yum.

Springbank 10 Year Old

Springbank 10 Year Old

Springbank is amongst Scotland’s most traditional distilleries. It is run by a descendent of the family that founded the company in the early 1800’s. John and William Mitchell had a background of illicit distilling before they founded Springbank in 1828.

The town that houses Springbank, Campbeltown, was once home to about 30 distilleries. There are now just three Campbeltown distilleries: Springbank, Glen Scotia and Kilkerran, which the Springbank team opened in 2004.

Location on Map

Springbank runs its whole production process in-house from the cutting of peat and malting of the barley (6 hours over a peat fire) through to the partial triple distillation process and the bottling of the final product. Every year, the distilling apparatus is cleaned out and the peatier (48 hours over a peat fire), double-distilled, Longrow is produced before reverting to Springbank again.

The whisky is never chill-filtered, so all flavours, aromas and textures are retained.

Springbank is one of those whisky gems that serious Scotch fans love.” – http://www.smwhisky.com.au/catalogue.php/Springbank


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