Quentin , You Silver Tongued Devil

Dec, 26, 2013 – Watched:

Django Unchained

DP: Robert Richardson

http://www.theasc.com/ac_magazine/January2013/DjangoUnchained/page1.php – Interview and technical info. Great read if you understand film/photography jargon. 😀



Hereos – Hot Leg


A reindeer about to have himself some Laga 16. Santa chillin' in the back.

A reindeer about to have himself some Laga 16. Santa chillin’ in the back.
Photo – © https://rhinestonescastle.wordpress.com


A warming in advance to all my precious followers, spam-bots, and whatever/whoever else lives on wordpress:

Tomorrow this blog may get completely over taken by copious amounts of music, fuckerie, rantings, pictures and other miscellaneous bullshit, as I achieve a level of “crunk” that hasn’t been reached since early March of this year. When the inebriated state hits me full force, the shit storm will be evident from several internet miles away. Fear not, I shall recuperate.

Thanks for listening all you beautiful people and some not so beautiful 😀

The Bolt Out

An all too familiar event with anxiety and panic.

“Enter, panic, search, find item, pay, bolt out as fast as possible” – Socially Anxious Shopper

I went out tonight to pick some stuff up before the major holiday rush really kicks in. Last year I ended up going to a mall last minute to check some stuff out before xmas; however, it was packed and I got smacked in the face with a panic attack upon entering. Nothing new there. Picture being in jail for 10 years straight and one day they say: “Ok, you’re free to go, do what you want”. The second someone gets out from being locked up like that, for so long, the outside world is scary shit.

But today was stupid as hell as well. I barely lasted 4minutes in the store. I got the shit I needed but not before noticing (upon arriving home) I picked up the wrong fucking size of the item!

I bolted out as quick as I went in. It went something like, “enter, select what I need, go to the cashier, pay in complete frozen panic, and leave“. What kinda stupid bullshit is that? I tunnel visioned every sequence of the situation and avoided all eye contact as usual.

I’m getting fucking ripped and obliterated this holiday season. And I’m not talking about the working out type of ripped…