Oh Apple…. you just don’t get it.

Thy ram’eth came. And it was installed. From 2gigs to 6gigs and there is a massive difference in the performance for this old iMac. But that was just part 1 of the plan. Next up was moving up from Leopard to Snow Leopard and then onward. But as easy as I thought that upgrade was ought to be, I was duped. As a matter a fact “duped” isn’t an accurate word.. the word I’m looking for is “ripped off” all courtesy of Apple.

It turns out those little grey discs that come with the computer aren’t meant to be used on “other computers”, or are they? I had no problem using those discs on another hard drive, but even though I spent $3000 on an iMac you won’t let me use those same disks? You want more money? Is that it? Ain’t happening you fruits.

As it turns out its all lies and lies again from the bitten little fruit. They put a code in the script to specifically say “do not allow install on these machines, etc” – if you’re machine version is listed no discs will work. There are several work arounds, but after 24 hours of trying them and with all the frustration building I came to another alternative. One that I can count on and never had any issues with.

Apple is a big cocksuc*ing crook of a company, and when I get fucked over I don’t take it lightly. So Apple, here’s a big fuck you to you and your money hungry corp supporters. I pirated all your fucking dumb software and installed it HASSLE FREE. No bullshit unlike your procedures. All the shit I ACTUALLY OWN WOULDN’T INSTALL, so I had to find copies on the internet to make up for it. WTF kind of shit is that?

In addition, why is Mavericks “FREE” when you ask for peoples credit card numbers? That doesn’t sound like a very “open” and “honest” marketing scheme you got going there. No, I do not want to use your stupid app store nor do I want to put in my credit card information for “FREE” applications. So, SL was torrent-ed even thought I fucking OWN IT AND CAN’T INSTALL IT ON MY OWN COMPUTER. As for Mavericks which I’m writing this from, it was torrent-ed as well, free from entering personal info about where I live, credit card info, and an array of other crap you put on your customers for downloading “free applications”.

Long live piracy.


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