Wi-Fi in the wild: Canada’s national parks plan to add wireless

Wi-Fi in the wild: Canada’s national parks plan to add wireless


Let me get this straight. As depressing as it is…

Not only do I have to be exposed on a daily basis to wi-fi waves around me and witness dumb brainless fucks on the street, walking aimlessly and texting about their (oh so important!) “what I had for lunch on twitter”, but now they want to allow them to do that in the Great National Parks of Canada – the one place that was essentially free of all that. A place where you could get away, and not be around the current pretentious, moronic technology obsessed generation I see everyday outside in the world.

In the spirit of Bill Maher and his ferociously crass and blunt delivery that I absolutely adore, let me say this…

I hope each and every single one of you brainless smartphone-texting-cellphone obsessed twats gets cancer and dies. Or is there an app for that already? I wouldn’t know.

Next time I see you on the street or crossing with a smartphone in hand across the road – oblivious to the world around you – Get ready, cause I ain’t stopping. And if you’re standing near the stairs with your celly in hand, out in the public, head down, wiggling your fat thumbs around and about, punching out your usual senseless, narcissistically selfish “super-uber” important texts, or maybe a selfie – guess what? My hands will be pushing you down those stairs without a sorry or worry in the world. 🙂

Society is getting dumber by the day at an alarming rate.


One thought on “Wi-Fi in the wild: Canada’s national parks plan to add wireless

  1. one benefit of this if you get lost you can call for help. that is always a plus with wireless technology. and yes it is ridiculous that they are texting and driving and walking, (a lady had a accident in front of my house once because she was texting)I mean are people retarded or something? your driving a four thousand pound machine at speed don’t you think it would be a loving thing towards your neighbor (not to mention yourself) to pay attention to only one thing at a time, controlling that monster of metal?

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