What Dreams May Come & Blow Out

Nov, 19, 2014 – Watched:

What Dreams May Come (1998)

Nov, 20, 2014 – Watched:

Blow Out (1981)

It’s amazing what can happen when a good cast is put to a horrible story line. Let’s rephrase that, its disappointing when a good, solid cast gets eaten up by a film lacking substance in more ways then one. Both of these movies could have been “promising” in some shape or form but instead they were a let down. Out of the two mentioned above I’d have to pick the former over the latter and not because of anything special unfortunately…

Visuals only go a certain way in film making. Story telling, direction, acting, cinematography, score, etc all add up to make a “solid film”. Unfortunately both of these features lacked and fell short in several departments. In both movies, specifically Blow Out, De Palma’s characters were hard to appreciate. No substantial growth or either too much given screen time, or not enough. We must remember, this is the man responsible for one of the most epic journeys into cinema ever. Whats even more fascinating at times is the fact Quentin Tarantino hails Blow Out as one of his favorite films. Very strange words coming from a directors mouth, especially one that makes films that are miles above in personality, style and memorability.

In the case of What Dreams May Come True, everything felt superficial/rationalized on the surface and dissolved away as the movie proceeded forward. The only thing that kept my eyes focused on the screen was the decent into hell, and maybe the fact that Annabella Sciorra was in the film.

Character studies is what brings out the best in film, its that human nature aspect that brings us closer in and makes us feel for the people in the film we’re watching. Undeniably time constraints prevent us from exploring the full depth of certain characters in several features, but even with the allotted time slot of 1hr 45min a lot more could of been accomplished in both of these. Instead the focus was given to the trivial and visual points which revoked any potential substantial depth and made neither memorable in any aspect.

5/10 – both.


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