The Martian

December 31, 2015 – Watched:

The Martian (2015)


VFX – 9.5/10

Story – 7.5/10

It’s a funny, sci-fi space adventure with stunning visuals/effects and cinematography.

However, it has several drawbacks.

No character development #1. We can’t get close to Damon despite his fantastic performance. It’s comedic, fun to watch, and well delivered, but other than that there is no emotional attachment to the character whatsoever. Other characters throughout the film are given very little screen time and are mostly used as pawns to move the lacking story gradually along.

Next, Kristin Wiig is a horrible excuse for an’actress’ (if you can even call her that). She doesn’t add anything to the film and her role is unnecessary filler with no substance. Not sure why she even got the part, good agent perhaps…

I excepted this to be a more serious take on the “mission gone wrong” scenario, something along the lines of “Interstellar”. Unfortunately, it wasn’t. The ending was a your typical Hollywood ending. Another fault in the execution of the film. And lastly, the final weakness, was the predictability of each scene. We knew what was going to happen, there were no surprises, no suspense,  no big reveals.

Overall, it’s enjoyable and decent, but its definitely not in the “top” films of 2015. I’ll give it another re-watch to see if this changes. But I’m pretty sure it’s at 7-7.5/10





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