Black Mass

February, 7, 2016 – Watched:

Black Mass (2015)

Where to start?

Depp is an absolute delight on screen. His soulless deep blue eyes bring you in and never let you look away from start to finish. He’s a fucking nightmare. (more on this later)

Masanobu Takayanagi’s cinematography is raw, gritty and simple. I loved it. A lot of center framed shots.

Good moody score.

But the best part? Is knowing what they missed and didn’t put in the movie. The thing with Whitey Bulger is, once you start doing a little research on your own time, you realize what could of been put in this film may of been just a little too raw for the audience. After all, its geared toward being entertaining, and not a documentary.

In some respects, I think if they’d extended this to 3 hrs (instead of the 2) and expanded more on the crimes of Bulger, then the general audience wouldn’t of found this as palatable as the final edit. The violence is also held back and not really glorified considering other possibilities for a film of this nature. And that was a good choice.

In reality, this dude was one sick fuck, and that’s putting it lightly. (Do a little research and you’ll see why)

And finally, lets not forget how corrupt the governing bodies were too. Scum all around.

The film gives you a lot to think about. And ultimately, that’s what good cinema should do.







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