Blade Runner (Final Cut)

Feburary, 13, 2016 – Watched:

Blade Runner (1982), Final Cut (2007)

Spur of the moment watch tonight. Completely unplanned for. It’s fucking freezing outside, so why not watch more films? 😀

Got my eyes on the Remastered Final Cut Blu-ray edition tonight and it was a hell of an experience.

I had some interest developing towards this one in the past few months but couldn’t find a good time to watch it. Either the mood wasn’t right or I simply wasn’t interested. Sometimes its better not to rush and wait for a practical time and place to view a film. Other times, its good to just take the plunge.

BR is a slow riser and builds up steadily. At first I wasn’t really that impressed or taken with it, but as time went on it dragged me in further and further. It requires multiple viewings to really appreciate it in its entirety, and seeing as I’ve viewed it for the first time tonight, I’ll be re-watching this one some time in the future again.

The opening establishing shot is something to really feast your eyes on. It’s long, slow and hauls you into a grim dystopian landscape. A lot of double exposure sequences in the fire scenes. The visuals throughout the film are from another planet. For 1982 this was a huge achievement.

Another thing to add is, unlike a lot of films nowadays that rely heavily on (poor) CGI that simply looks fake to the eye, this one relies on the various ancient methods of illusion and disbelief in film making. It’s got that 80’s charm to it, something that has been lost in the current films of this generation. (I may go into this in greater detail sometime later since its a subject of its own)




One thing that really escalates this sci-fi classic to another level is the score. It’s absolutely PERFECT from a musical standpoint. The minimal synths interact brilliantly with the shots and glide your eyes over the futuristic cityscape like nothing I’ve seen in recent memory. I could listen to the score alone for hours. Actually, I’m obsessed with the score. It’s haunting, dark, miserable and you can feel the hopelessness of this city within it.

It’s pure awesomeness and inspiring as hell.



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