Moon. pt 2.

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March, 25, 2016 – Watched:

Moon (2009)

This was different. And different is good in a world of repetitiveness.

I think I spent 2-3 hours hunting down a sci-fi movie to watch tonight that sounded interesting and promising. It was this versus a Ridley Scott picture, in the end, I picked this one. And thankfully it payed off. It’s a special little film.

This movie was different from your typical sci-fi stuff. What that something “else” was; I won’t really talk about (for reasons of spoilers and surprise).

Its got an interesting story for a backbone supported by Sam Rockwell’s compelling performance. The whole movie involves only him and him alone. From the first scenes to last, his time on screen is effortless it seems.

I found this movie minimal in nature, no prolonged or unneeded scenes, short in duration and to the point. The budget was low ($5 mil) and they made the best of it.

Visually it was inspiring. From the start I noticed a sense of realism that lacks in most Sci-Fi/Fantasty films (think Hobbit). Moon utilized Bill Pearson, (the supervising model maker on Alien) and the lunar rovers and harvesters were all models. This was such a breath of fresh air from the horrid CGI I see in films nowadays. That’s not to say there wasn’t any CGI in this film, but where it was implemented it showed, sadly (perhaps to the budget). As for the model work, it was pure perfection. 🙂

This one leaves you thinking…


Strawdogs (1971)

March, 19, 2016 – Watched:

Strawdogs (1971)

Psychologically unsettling and disturbing even in 2016. Strawdogs builds slowly and meticulously before erupting into a bloodbath that stays in your mind hours after you’ve seen it.

Despite the violence (which is savage at times), the taboo innuendos laced throughout the film are much more alarming and concerning.