State of Grace (1990) cue – Ennio Morricone

May 1st is around the corner. Well, it’s actually here. 5 months into 2016 already. Damn. Time flies.

I came across “State of Grace” a few weeks ago. Decided to watch it last night. April, 30th, 2016. And drank a bunch of Tullamore D.E.W while at it.

It came out around Goodfellas and got lost in the fury of excitement that followed thanks to M.S being the king of gangster films. Either way, State of Grace is a very watchable and often underrated crime drama that’s got that 90’s charm to it. I duno what is it, but something about these 80’s and 90’s flicks that just gets to me. They have that lively feel to them, something you can get lost in, shot on film, warm, inviting, comforting. Digital film has it times and moments, but there is something really special in film.

The movie isn’t anything spectacular compared to Goodfellas (though, Gary Oldman’s and Penn’s performance deserve immense credit for holding the viewers attention), but the score from Ennio Morricone is something to marvel at. It’s heard throughout the movie, and its fucking memorizing, beautiful and poignant. I couldn’t help but think of Bowie’s, “I Can’t Give Everything Away” as my ears wandered throughout the sax bit meandering throughout the piece in the film.

Here’s a comparison.

Also, Jordan Cronenweth (e.g. DOP of Bladerunner) was the main DP on this. The shots in this film are gorgeous and the overall atmosphere that’s achieved throughout the film is sublime.

7/10 for State of Grace. But the music and cinematography is so moving that I’m willing to bring it up to 7.5/10.