Blender (Cycles Shader Guide)

Everything on Shader’s in Cycles

+ extras goodness – and

and finally,

UV MAPPING (Quick and Easy) – (Instead of selecting full object, you can select ANY face and assign a material to that selectively)

Applying an Image Texture in Cycles

  1. Select the object you want to put the image on
  2. Give it a new material with an Image Texture Shader:
    Object Properties window -> Materials tab -> click the New button
    For the Color, click on the grey dot icon on the right side ( enter image description here ) then select “Image Texture”:enter image description here
  3. Select the image you want to use:enter image description here
  4. UV Unwrap your object and position the image as you’d like it:
    • Select your object and enter Edit mode (TAB)
    • Unwrap mesh (U) -> here, I use Smart UV project

    enter image description here

    NOTE: UV Unwrapping a mesh and positioning the image properly can be a very complex and involved process. So, I highly recommend you study some UV Mapping tutorials to get all the details; YouTube has quite a lot of excellent video tutorials for beginners on this subject.

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