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Pictures speak for themselves. For free you really can’t go wrong. Pretty impressive at times and quite inspiring as well. It ain’t perfect and has its flaws but once you get a grip on it its pretty fucking enjoyable…especially with a drink on the side 😉

Ideas roaming….starting 2017. Goodbye 2016. 2016 in review? Perhaps..until then, PS2 continues on… 😀



Nov, 21, 2014 – Watched:

Cruising (1980)

Not an easy watch but somehow satisfying especially due to the twisted and wickedly fiendish open ending. Some stellar shots of Central Park at night mixed in with a dark and gloomy score throughout. If this film were ever “re-made” I can’t think of anyone else then David Fincher to pick it up (not that it needs a remake in any shape or form). As a matter a fact, I think its brutally perfect just as it is.