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Pictures speak for themselves. For free you really can’t go wrong. Pretty impressive at times and quite inspiring as well. It ain’t perfect and has its flaws but once you get a grip on it its pretty fucking enjoyable…especially with a drink on the side πŸ˜‰

Ideas roaming….starting 2017. Goodbye 2016. 2016 in review? Perhaps..until then, PS2 continues on… πŸ˜€


3d model building test

Created this today:


First hand try at photogrammetry. Fun stuff. I can definitely use this in the future!

Used Photoscan for the 3d render using about 30+ photos. For some reason the backside didn’t turn out. Oh well.

Then did post, CC and quick animation in Photoshop. Lots of issues with this obviously. But kinda cool for 30minutes of work πŸ˜€





Feeling very accomplished right now.Β  πŸ˜€

Design process on Monday, look over on Tuesday and test cam projection on Wednesday. Loads to learn still, but that’s to be expected. Only thing left now is to CC, reduce HL to recover some more details, boost the SAT slightly, sharpen, apply some N/G, and maybe add some CA. So far the initial render looks dope and the process only took 3 days for a fairly simple comp.


This is not mine.

All this makes me want to tackle Nuke & Maya…the student version looks tempting.

It shall be an interesting year. πŸ™‚