Eagles – Dirty Laundry


Dark City – Director’s Cut

Feb, 11, 2017 – Watched:

Dark City (1998) – Director’s Cut

Had this film sitting on the HDD since last April and finally was in the mood to watch it. So lets break it down.

Conceptually this film had something going for it. Visually, this film had much too enjoy despite being a little too obvious with the miniatures laced throughout the scenes. With that said the cinematography was lovely.

But can that save a film from bad acting? Unfortunately not. The lead in this movie scores an A+ for bad acting. Over the top stuff from certain characters as well (Keifer), and I hate to say it, it’s laughable at times. And when you put that all together, its hard to take it seriously.

To sum it up, aesthetically pleasing to the eyes but the acting is too much to get over. This film had something going for it from the concept stage (enough that the Matrix used the same sets) but the execution of this wasn’t fulfilled properly.


VFX – 7/10



Took a pass of a solo just for you… now on to the one for the record. ⚡️

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I’ve had this on loop for the past 30 minutes. The groove on this is HUGE. Pino, Steve and JM together are like bread and butter…

I think this will be on Wave 2….here’s hoping.

The Witch

June, 18, 2016 – Watched:

The Witch (2015)

Had this one for awhile, couldn’t find the right time or mood to watch it, until tonight. 1.5 hours exact. Goes by super fast. Why? Cause it’s just that damn enchanting from start to finish.

Beautifully shot (throw back to using in-camera zooms for certain shots at times) and a sinister score to match the unraveling chaos that ensues within the fringes of the woods. I’d say there is only one thing left to say to sum it all up…


Black Phillip, Black Phillip

A crown grows out his head,

Black Phillip, Black Phillip 

To nanny queen is wed.

Jump to the fence post,

Running in the stall.

Black Phillip, Black Phillip 

King of all.


Black Phillip, Black Phillip 

King of sky and land,

Black Phillip, Black Phillip

King of sea and sand.

We are ye servants,

We are ye men.

Black Phillip eats the lions

From the lions’ den.


VFX Breakdowns and reads – http://www.3dtotal.com/interview/766-magical-solutions-intelligent-creatures-the-witch-by-trevor-hogg-2015-vfx-a24-design