Chris Cornell – Higher Truth (Full Album)

This news is painful to process.





Nostalgic Throwbacks

I think I’m gonna do a major throwback thing on here soon, or not. (since its too much work and I don’t have time for that) This iPod shit just doesn’t feel right. Convenient? – sure – but that’s about it. (In 2013 – portability is more important to the new generation then audio quality) Sad, but true. I’m definitely not getting into that debate on here though. Audiophiles will relate regardless.

I still have my portable CD player around somewhere. “Extra skip protection” or whatever. Do people even know what that is anymore? Probably not. And the button on my player is physically wrecked from using it on all the car trips and plane rides in the past. The digital revolution has really taken over and its scary at times. Especially for someone like myself that was buying tapes and listening to records and films recorded in analog format. Ohhh mannnn….I love tape. And the more time that goes by – from its; warmth, unforgiving needs and pure sound – appeals to me more and more. But back to CD players….mine is beaten up and barely breathing, who knows if it’ll even work at this point. It’s been across sea’s, on vacations, and pretty much everywhere where the sun don’t shine. I really need to bring that thing out sometime. Ironically enough, in today’s age it’d be easier to stick that cd into the laptop, burn it, and then throw it onto the iPod. Goddammit. No magic in it anymore. The “CD CHOICE OF THE NIGHT” before bed ritual as been lost. Anyone else do that back in the day? All the good stuff is being lost to “Ease of Use” unfortunately.. ughh. I still remember when I got my iPod a few years back (for free mind you)…that really did change a loadddddd of things..some for better, some for worse…If I hadn’t gotten it for free.. I’d still be using the CD PLAYER. Woah.

I gotta start buying more physical copies of DVD’s, Blu-ray’s, and CD’s in the first place. Virtual copies aren’t cutting it for me lately in numerous ares. Strangely enough, there isn’t much to buy at this current time in our world. I’ve held this notion for quite some time and was happy to hear the great Mr. Grohl reiterate the exact same thing. Just because things are easy to ‘create’ nowadays doesn’t mean there’s more “greatness”. As a matter a fact, its quite the opposite. In the past decade I’ve bought 1-2 movies.(yes, seriously) Quality and substance has been lost. I’m stuck listening to all the older stuff, from several decades ago, and watching movies from the past. But I’m not complaining one bit since I LOVE the old stuff. At the same thing you can’t say there isn’t ‘some’ good stuff popping up, but…. you just gotta be more critical and dive deeper into the underworld to find it. Everything is too “crystal clear” nowadays and post-processed to every extent. No life and charm in it.  I think it’s time to go through the CD collection and start going over some really old-school tunes/albums for personal CD burns. Grunge, rock, pop, aor, alternative, electronica, etc… Time to bring out the classic stuff. Late 70’s to mid 90’s. Big – huge – iconic albums, or, one hit wonders – doesn’t matter. My ears must re-consume all this to get some inspiration going.

Anyways… browser crashing, running on 8mb of RAM. 8mb’s, not a typo. Firefox ram usage is garbage on Snow Leopard. *memory leak* Bye.