Rush – Time Stand Still


2018 – A Year In Music


With 2018 being over (thankfully) and 2019 being 6 days old already it’s time to put together the biggest albums from 2018 from the personal collection.

Besides being the most fucked up year in history for me personally it was also the biggest year in music consumption, production and songwriting for myself, and 2019 continues to already be trending towards the same. Hopefully even outdoing last years numbers.

The amount of albums aurally dissected and devoured in 2018 reached a new level. The last time I ate that much up was between 2004-2006. A few were revisited from a new perspective and loads of others were discovered for the first time.

Here’s hoping 2019 is as delicious, if not more.



May, 25, 2018 – Watched:

To Live and Die in L.A (1985)

If there’s anything to be said about William Friedkin’s style, then its he does ‘gritty’ like nobody else.

To Live and Die in L.A is no exception. From the dark alleyways, strip clubs, bars and warehouses, every scene is carefully portrayed as just pure dingy L.A filth. And with the addition of an insane chase sequence across bridges and through dirty rail yards (during a specifically integral part of the film; think French Connection) the film just leads us down more fiendish twists and brutal turns that make you think twice about who you’re really rooting for.

I loved it.


Soundtrack – 9/10