Hue Test

my hue test results



Apophysis – A fractal flame editor.


Apophysis 7X –

Start up tut:

Enhancements tut:

VERY useful “little” piece of freeware.


Matkan Lopussa by Xyrus-02

Flight of Anesperos by Xyrus-02

This software may be “little” in size and no installation is needed from my test, but it has ENDLESS possibilities….

PS Blend Modes & Stefan Hefele

Next up, luminosity masks.

In other news, I royally fucked up a photo session this passed weekend. I got way to excited (since certain opportunities opened up) and without thinking things out thoroughly, I payed the price.

I suppose making mistakes is “part of the trip” but in the end, I wasted good shots. I’d never switch over to Nikon, but boy, that D800 is surely tempting for Landscapes…thanks in part to Stefan Hefele below…