Blade Runner 2049

October 6, 2017…

*here’s hoping they don’t fuck this up*


January 16, 2016 – Watched:

Sicario (2015)

Now honestly, how good was this? Damn!

Story, acting, editing, sound design, vfx, cinematography was flawlessly executed.

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Intensely suspenseful, dark and brutal. Accompanied with a beautifully orchestrated ominous and ruthless musical score.

No stupid Hollywood ending like in most of the movies released nowadays. Life ain’t peachy so stop forcing it down our throats Hollywood.

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Came into the story barely knowing anything about it. Came out craving more.

One of 2015’s best films.

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  • Was planning to embed the VFX breakdown since the visuals and cinematography in this film were stunning and minimalistic (as always; thanks again Deakins) but the video for the VFX breakdown is not licensed and blocked on Vimeo and elsewhere. If it becomes available I’ll post it up. – current link – &
  • A sequel is in the early stages already concentrating on Alejandro’s shady past. Let just hope it can live up to the quality of this.



Roger that

So it turns out Roger Deakins was in charge of principal photography for “Prisoners” which means, it’s a must see regardless. Not sure how that slipped by my eyes in the first place, but now that I know? I writing this out so I don’t forget.

*note to self – Watch Prisoners this fall/winter!