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Lots to DL over the next few days 🙂 Just found the treasure trove of endless gifts for myself…this place is literally a goldmine of educational materials; and its FREE 😉 *wink*

Seriously, fuck art school or anything else. If you’re saying “I can’t afford” school in 2016 and you have internet access, then you really have NO more excuses at this point. You have a wealth of education at your fingertips. All you need is time and discipline. It’s amazing how many professionals I run into on a weekly basis that are self taught. Keep that in mind.

Oh, internetz, how I ❤ you.

Apophysis – A fractal flame editor.


Apophysis 7X –

Start up tut:

Enhancements tut:

VERY useful “little” piece of freeware.


Matkan Lopussa by Xyrus-02

Flight of Anesperos by Xyrus-02

This software may be “little” in size and no installation is needed from my test, but it has ENDLESS possibilities….

Wi-Fi in the wild: Canada’s national parks plan to add wireless

Wi-Fi in the wild: Canada’s national parks plan to add wireless


Let me get this straight. As depressing as it is…

Not only do I have to be exposed on a daily basis to wi-fi waves around me and witness dumb brainless fucks on the street, walking aimlessly and texting about their (oh so important!) “what I had for lunch on twitter”, but now they want to allow them to do that in the Great National Parks of Canada – the one place that was essentially free of all that. A place where you could get away, and not be around the current pretentious, moronic technology obsessed generation I see everyday outside in the world.

In the spirit of Bill Maher and his ferociously crass and blunt delivery that I absolutely adore, let me say this…

I hope each and every single one of you brainless smartphone-texting-cellphone obsessed twats gets cancer and dies. Or is there an app for that already? I wouldn’t know.

Next time I see you on the street or crossing with a smartphone in hand across the road – oblivious to the world around you – Get ready, cause I ain’t stopping. And if you’re standing near the stairs with your celly in hand, out in the public, head down, wiggling your fat thumbs around and about, punching out your usual senseless, narcissistically selfish “super-uber” important texts, or maybe a selfie – guess what? My hands will be pushing you down those stairs without a sorry or worry in the world. 🙂

Society is getting dumber by the day at an alarming rate.

Oh Apple…. you just don’t get it.

Thy ram’eth came. And it was installed. From 2gigs to 6gigs and there is a massive difference in the performance for this old iMac. But that was just part 1 of the plan. Next up was moving up from Leopard to Snow Leopard and then onward. But as easy as I thought that upgrade was ought to be, I was duped. As a matter a fact “duped” isn’t an accurate word.. the word I’m looking for is “ripped off” all courtesy of Apple.

It turns out those little grey discs that come with the computer aren’t meant to be used on “other computers”, or are they? I had no problem using those discs on another hard drive, but even though I spent $3000 on an iMac you won’t let me use those same disks? You want more money? Is that it? Ain’t happening you fruits.

As it turns out its all lies and lies again from the bitten little fruit. They put a code in the script to specifically say “do not allow install on these machines, etc” – if you’re machine version is listed no discs will work. There are several work arounds, but after 24 hours of trying them and with all the frustration building I came to another alternative. One that I can count on and never had any issues with.

Apple is a big cocksuc*ing crook of a company, and when I get fucked over I don’t take it lightly. So Apple, here’s a big fuck you to you and your money hungry corp supporters. I pirated all your fucking dumb software and installed it HASSLE FREE. No bullshit unlike your procedures. All the shit I ACTUALLY OWN WOULDN’T INSTALL, so I had to find copies on the internet to make up for it. WTF kind of shit is that?

In addition, why is Mavericks “FREE” when you ask for peoples credit card numbers? That doesn’t sound like a very “open” and “honest” marketing scheme you got going there. No, I do not want to use your stupid app store nor do I want to put in my credit card information for “FREE” applications. So, SL was torrent-ed even thought I fucking OWN IT AND CAN’T INSTALL IT ON MY OWN COMPUTER. As for Mavericks which I’m writing this from, it was torrent-ed as well, free from entering personal info about where I live, credit card info, and an array of other crap you put on your customers for downloading “free applications”.

Long live piracy.


I just ordered a shitload of ram. If all goes “according to plan” I shall be turning an early 2008 sluggish iMac into a destructively powerful  photo/video/entertainment editing beast. In addition, if “all goes well” *knock on wood* – 10.5.8 will be a thing of the past on another machine, since by upgrading thy ram I’ll be able to upgrade to either SL or OS X 10.9 of my choice, which in turn yields access to…. Lightroom 5 & PS CS6 on a 2008 machine 🙂 *Crosses fingers* I’m anxious and must go 😉

ps. either all this will happen, or i’ll waste a couple hundred dollars if this doesn’t work… but I must take this risk….


Densmore Shute Bends the Shaft, 1938

The strobe effect

In the 1930s, Marey’s scientific legacy was continued by Harold Edgerton, an electrical engineer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Edgerton took photos using a high-speed electronic flash to produce a strobe effect.

With flashes up to a million times a second, Edgerton took images of fencers, pole vaulters and divers in the style of Marey but with far greater accuracy and clarity.

Violinist Jascha Heifetz plays in Mili’s darkened studio as light attached to his bow traces its movement.

Science, not art

Edgerton was keen to distance himself from other photographers such as Gjon Mili who used similar techniques but worked with more artistic subjects such as dancers and musicians.

He insisted: “Don’t make me out to be an artist. I am an engineer. I am after the facts. Only the facts.”

In this 1952 photograph, violinist Jascha Heifetz plays in Mili’s darkened studio as light attached to his bow traces its movement.