Eagles – Dirty Laundry



Took a pass of a solo just for you… now on to the one for the record. ⚡️

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I’ve had this on loop for the past 30 minutes. The groove on this is HUGE. Pino, Steve and JM together are like bread and butter…

I think this will be on Wave 2….here’s hoping.

3d model building test

Created this today:


First hand try at photogrammetry. Fun stuff. I can definitely use this in the future!

Used Photoscan for the 3d render using about 30+ photos. For some reason the backside didn’t turn out. Oh well.

Then did post, CC and quick animation in Photoshop. Lots of issues with this obviously. But kinda cool for 30minutes of work 😀





April, 22, 2016 – Watched:

Monster (2003)

A truly great depressive film. What a performance from C.T.

With that said, to get a “full” picture of what really happened its necessary to do your own research either before hand or preferably after watching. Either way, very dark stuff.



Strawdogs (1971)

March, 19, 2016 – Watched:

Strawdogs (1971)

Psychologically unsettling and disturbing even in 2016. Strawdogs builds slowly and meticulously before erupting into a bloodbath that stays in your mind hours after you’ve seen it.

Despite the violence (which is savage at times), the taboo innuendos laced throughout the film are much more alarming and concerning.